Products and services from excellence

Our principles of responsibility are based on the development of products and services from the approach of excellence, which leads us not only to carry them out with the highest quality values, but also these must be incubated within an environment with the utmost respect. environmental and with the most effective means of assuring the Health and Safety of our employees, a fundamental part of this gear.

From this starting point and with the requirements established by the International Standards ISO 45001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we establish the Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety Policy of the company at the same time that we implement and certify the Integrated Management System that unifies these three pillars of our business development, which guarantee excellence and continuous improvement of our work.

We are certified and authorized in all the relevant sections in our sector. Likewise, we are an Authorized Company for the Installation and Repair of Pressure Equipment.

We have the REGIC and REPRO Certifications that encompass the Main Companies in the Energy, Petrochemical, Cement and Mining Sector in Spain.




Caldererías Indálicas , aware and responsible for the commitment to QUALITY, the ENVIRONMENT and LABOR SAFETY implements an INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that is a fundamental element of its business culture.



Training is considered one of the fundamental pillars of the company, being considered a task that contributes to our growth and competitive improvement.

Caldererías Indálicas has designed an optimal and effective Training Plan aimed at all Departments, Engineering and Design, Production, Health and Safety, Quality, HR, Purchasing and Finance.



Caldererías Indálicas , SL is attached to the Spanish Global Compact Network, in order to enhance the commitment acquired with our workers, environment and environment.
Caldererías Indálicas, S.L. also has an Ethical Code of Conduct which endorses the pillars of our organisation.


Caldererias Indálicas SL has implemented a quality assurance system in the design, manufacture, testing, testing and inspection for equipment that allows it to manufacture and seal components in accordance with the ASME code such as boilers, pipes, containers pressure and nuclear components.

Certification through the ASME seal opens the door to an international market, which includes the United States, Canada and more than 85 countries.


We are duly authorized by the Ministry of Innovation and Business of the Junta de Andalucía as pressure equipment installers in the ERP-2 category and as a pressure equipment repair company in the ERP-2 category.